About us

Welcome To Asian Export

We are excelling in Indian Denim Industries and is operating in Indian contingent such as Delhi and Ghaziabad but our products are delivered to all over country.

Started as a small venture during 2011. We grow to become a worldwide leader in Denim market by providing innovative and quality products each. We believe in distributing and connecting with the people for a long term which can be maintained by good quality and reliability.

Asian Export has delivered quality with Fair and Proved Business Policies and maintaining High Corporate and Quality Standards.We work as middle party distributors and wholesalers.


In order to keep you updated with today’s fashion trends, we at ASIAN EXPORT work hard and yet work fair. We operate in an environmental-friendly manner as none of our actions are aimed to harm the environment in any way. Since we are being led by the able minds of — Mr. Deepak MIttal, our company has emerged to become one of India’s leading Denim Grey & Shirting fabric Supplier in India.


To satisfy our customers with world-class and up-to-the-minute products that exceeds their expectations.”

We strive towards satisfying and retaining our customers through quality of fabric and timely delivery of products. We want our customers to always stay ahead of the current trending fashion through our range of fabric.


“ASIAN EXPORT is committed in delivering consistent quality of products to our customers while aiming at continuous improvement in our services as well as making sure of our responsibilities towards our employees as well.”

E-mail : info@asian-export.com / support@asian-export.com
Landline: 011 – 47094103


As an organisation, what distinguishes us apart from our competitors are the core beliefs in absolute work ethics which we believe in our company. .

We love our work and approach our duties honestly; and as a management, we treat our employees and customers with utmost respect. Our ethical approach is to be thanked just as much as our quality of products for our success and presence in the hearts of our customers.


Our biggest strength comes from the honesty of our workforce, the loyalty of our customers, and from the mutual respect of our partners. We make no compromises when it comes to quality and timely delivery of our products and we make sure that our customers are satisfied by exceeding their expectations.

Our ethical understanding of the work falls under the spirit of unity and co-operation, which makes our team at ASIAN EXPORTS a 1-big happy family.